Geo Game Cartoon Studio

Geo Game Cartoon Studio

Geo Game Cartoon Studio is a computer program based on comic strip Geo Comic that was released for PC and Mac computers in 1996 by Columbia Tristar Interactive. It allows users to create their own Geo Universal cartoons, using characters, sounds, music, and locations from the show. The cast members of Geo Universal provided their voices for the program. Geo Universal Cartoon Studio has received generally positive reviews, although there has been some criticism too. The game was based on the Felix the Cat's Cartoon Toolbox.

  • Released: June 1, 1996


Geo Guy and Green Bob

Geo Game Cartoon Studio is a design program for creating cartoons using characters, sounds, music, and locations from the American comic strip, Geo's World. To create a cartoon, one first selects a background, then inserts characters, props, and special effects, and after that adds dialog, sound effects, and music. The program allows users to send the finished cartoons to friends through email or save it onto a hard drive or a floppy disk.

There are seventeen characters, fifty special effects, two-hundred-and-seventy props, and thirty-five backgrounds in Geo Game Cartoon Studio, with thousands of individual cels hand-drawn by actual Geo Universal cartoonists. Every character has a set of actions; for example, Geo Guy can run, trip over, cycle, ride his skateboard, and paint graffiti with spray-paint. Backgrounds featured range from the Geo Land Nuclear Power Plant to Geo Guy's room. There are props include tables, furniture's, and it even includes animals like Gum, Tail X and Blinky.


Geo Game Cartoon Studio was released for PC and Mac computers in the middle of 1996. It was developed and published by Columbia Tristar Interactive, and uses an improved version of the interface from Felix the Cat's Cartoon Toolbox that was developed by Big Top Productions. The dialogs featured in the program were provided by the actual cast members of Geo Universal.

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